Feds 2019 to 2020 Executives

Federation of Students (better known as "Feds") is the undergraduate student union at the University of Waterloo.

Every Waterloo undergrad is a member of Feds. We're run by students and driven by students.

You and your peers are represented by a number of elected student positions on Students' Council, Board of Directors, and Feds Executive. Any Waterloo undergrad can run for a position on the Exec, Board, or Students' Council.

Students provide direction by identifying the needs and concerns of the undergraduate student body and we bring those directions to policy makers to make change happen on your behalf, so you can focus on making the most out of your university experience.

Feds was formed over 50 years ago in response to undergrad concerns that were going unheard. We represent your voice on issues like tuition, mental health, housing, campus safety and transit, and provide services like affordable food options on campus, mental health supports, and clubs.

We operate eight commercial services, 13 student-run services, support over 200 clubs and a number of student societies, and facilitate special events like Orientation and Welcome Week.

Get involved by volunteering with a student-run service, running for a student government position, or working in one of the many diverse part-time roles we have just for students.

Our Mission

To serve, empower and represent the undergraduate students of the University of Waterloo.

Our Vision

To support a united and empowered undergraduate community where students pursue both learning and personal fulfillment, and provide a campus with diverse and numerable opportunities for pleasurable and meaningful life experiences.

Our Values

  1. We respect that students are the stakeholders of the Federation of Students and the primary reason for our existence.
  2. We enhance the quality of life for students by promoting a safe, secure and environmentally conscious campus.
  3. We strive for innovation and continuous improvement in all that we do to increase the level of service offered to students.
  4. We seek to maintain a fair and reasonable academic environment conducive to student discussion on all issues.
  5. We strive for unity in our campus community by promoting diversity and equity in all aspects of campus life.
  6. We demonstrate an accountable Feds through transparency, communication and responsiveness to ensure sound financial management.
  7. We work with students to help them discover their potential, determine future goals, and allow for personal reflection.