Students' Council

Federation of Students University of Waterloo Students' Council

As a member of Feds, you are represented by your elected student leaders on Feds Students' Council (SC), which specifically represent you in your society, faculty, and/or campus/college.

The purpose of SC is to oversee your students’ union (that’s us!), your Feds Executives, determine membership fees and establish the priorities and polices of the organization.

Looking for a more in-depth run-down of your Students’ Council? Check out:

  • Feds By-laws (PDF)Reference article 8, pages 17 - 19 for Students' Council.
    The by-laws will give you the scoop on all the folks that count as a voting-members, non-voting, how the number of voting seats is calculated (based on the size of the constituency), how meetings are conducted, and more about the powers of council.
  • SC Procedures
    Learn more about SC’s various operations and committees which deal with hot topics, such as; administration of clubs, funding for activities and projects, budgeting, education policy, elections, referenda and more.

If you would like to receive regular updates on SC affairs, sign up for the mailing list  External Link.

Your Students' Council Representatives

Speaker of Council

Deputy Speaker


Assistant Secretary

AHS Councillors

Number of Seats: 2 |  Number of Vacancies: 0

Arts Councillors

Number of Seats: 6 | Number of Vacancies: 0

*Engineering Councillors

Number of Seats: 7 | Number of Vacancies: 1

Environment Councillors

Number of Seats: 2 | Number of Vacancies: 1

Math Councillors

Number of Seats: 7 | Number of Vacancies: 0

Science Councillors

Number of Seats: 5 | Number of Vacancies: 0


Number of Seats: 1 | Number of Vacancies: 0

    **Kitchener Councillors

    Number of Seats: 1 | Number of Vacancies: 0

    **Stratford Councillors

    Number of Seats: 1 | Number of Vacancies: 0

    • At-Large Councillor: Amandreo Cortes
    • Society Representative: ​***Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) Society

    **Renison Councillors

    Number of Seats: 1 | Number of Vacancies: 0

      **St. Jerome's Councillors

      Number of Seats: 1 | Number of Vacancies: 0

      *Engsoc Executives are split into terms based on the faculty’s co-op structure

      **In cases when constituencies have 1 voting seat on SC, the voting seat is offered to Society Presidents, they can either accept the seat for themselves, choose a delegate to represent their seat, or leave it open for election as an at-large Councillor position

      *** Non-voting seat

      How to Get Involved

      Interested in running for SC, but not sure where to go next? Here’s some tips to help you take the next steps:

      1. Talk to one of your Students’ Councillors to learn where they got to where they are;

      2. Read your way through some of Feds’ governing documents (especially the Feds By-laws, SC Procedures, and Elections & Referenda Procedures);

      3. Check out the elections page to find out if there’s an election or a by-election currently underway. Feds Elections take place every winter term, so make sure to get your nomination package in on time!

      If you have any questions, please contact the Research and Policy Officer or your Feds President.

      Meeting Agenda & Minutes

      There are many ways to keep up-to-date with the latest Council meeting minutes and agenda.

      Download and view past Students' Council meeting agendas and minutes.

      If you are interested in agendas and minutes for council meetings that are not listed, please contact the Research and Policy Officer.


      Agenda Minutes
       2018 Sep Agenda (PDF)  2018 Sep Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Jul Agenda (PDF)  2018 Jul Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Jun Agenda (PDF)  2018 Jun Minutes (PDF)
       2018 May Agenda (PDF)  2018 May Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Apr Agenda (PDF)  2018 Apr Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Mar Agenda (PDF)  2018 Mar Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Feb  Agenda (PDF)  2018 Feb Minutes (PDF)
       2018 Jan  Agenda (PDF)  2018 Jan  Minutes (PDF)