Students' Council

Federation of Students University of Waterloo Students' Council

Students' Council is comprised of representatives from each Faculty and College at the University of Waterloo. A majority of Students' Council representatives are elected to, and take office at the same time as the Executive (May 1 of each year).

Students' Council upholds the goals of the Federation of Students (Feds) under its Charter and bylaws, and establishes the policies of the corporation.

It provides a representative forum for student input into Feds' activities, appoints Commissioners and designates the Committees of Students' Council. It also administers and oversees the budgeting of membership fees. Committees of Students' Council deal with other areas including administration of clubs, funding for activities and projects, budgeting, education policy (local, provincial, federal), elections, referenda and more.

The Executives are ex-officio voting members of Students' Council.

Students' Council oversees the Executives in the performance of their jobs in areas where Students' Council has oversight responsibilities. Any councillor may request to add items for consideration at Council in accordance with all relevant Feds' bylawspolicies and procedures.

Non-voting members of Students' Council include: the Speaker, the Secretary, and Chairs of Committees of Council who are not already a member of the Council, the Presidents of the recognized student societies, the Presidents of all Federated and Affiliated Colleges and Residence Councils, the President of the University, and all past presidents of the Federation of Students.

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The Students' Council of the Corporation shall be composed of the President; Vice-President, Operations and Finance; Vice-President, Education; and Vice-President, Internal; all ex-officio and a number of elected members, all of whom shall have voting rights.

In addition, the following members of the Students' Council shall be members of the Students' Council without voting rights:

  • Speaker;
  • Secretary;
  • Presidents of Societies which are recognized as Constituency, Federated and Affiliated College or University Councils or their representatives, unless elected members;
  • President of the University or his/her representative;
  • Chairpersons of Committees of Council who are not members of Council;
  • Federation of Students Commissioners
  • Federation of Students Services Coordinators
  • Past Presidents of the Corporation, unless an elected member; and
  • Such employees as determined by the Board of Directors.

Terms of Membership

A majority of members of Students' Council are elected to, and take office at the same time as our President and Vice-Presidents (which is May 1 of each year). Where a constituency has a number of students registered in the co-op stream that is greater than the number of students registered in the regular stream, half of the seats in the constituency (rounding down) are held over for election in the Spring term, before May 30th.

Students' Council elections shall be held in conjunction with the election for the President; Vice-President, Operations and Finance; Vice-President, Education; and Vice-President, Internal; of the Corporation, in accordance with the appropriate bylaws, procedures and policies of the Corporation.

In the event that a position on Students' Council is or becomes vacant before November 1, a byelection may be held in the constituency to which the vacancy relates.

Students' Councillors

Speaker of Council

Deputy Speaker


AHS Councillors

Arts Councillors

Engineering Councillors

Environment Councillors

Math Councillors

Science Councillors

Renison Councillors

Stratford Councillors

  • Vacancy

Kitchener Councillors

  • Vacancy

St. Jerome's Councillors


How to Get Involved

If you are interested in applying for a vacant position to council please see Available Positions under the Students' Council Elections page. Check out all current available seats and download a Nomination Package (PDF). Nomination packages must be filled out completely and returned to the Feds front desk (SLC 1102).

If you have any questions, please contact

Council Meetings

Council meetings are governed by Robert's Rules to ensure meetings are held in an orderly fashion. Robert's Rules is essentially a guide of the rules, ethics, and customs that are followed during the meeting. Details on the Robert's Rules can be found on the General Meeting Rules page. 

Meeting Location: Student Life Centre Multi-Purpose Room

Time: 12:30 pm

Dates: TBD

Meeting Agenda & Minutes

There are many ways to keep up-to-date with the latest Council meeting minutes and agenda.

Download and view past Students' Council meeting agendas and minutes.

If you are interested in agendas and minutes for council meetings that are not listed, please contact the Research and Policy Officer.


Agenda Minutes
 2018 Sep Agenda (PDF)  2018 Sep Minutes (PDF)
 2018 Jul Agenda (PDF)  2018 Jul Minutes (PDF)
 2018 May Agenda (PDF)  2018 May Minutes (PDF)
 2018 Apr Agenda (PDF)  2018 Apr Minutes (PDF)
 2018 Mar Agenda (PDF)  2018 Mar Minutes (PDF)
 2018 Feb  Agenda (PDF)  2018 Feb Minutes (PDF)
 2018 Jan  Agenda (PDF)  2018 Jan  Minutes (PDF)