Board of Directors

The Federation of Students (Feds) is constituted as a corporation without share capital under the Ontario Corporations Act. The Federation of Students maintains an eleven member Board of Directors, which functions as its highest decision-making body.

The Board of Directors meets on behalf of the corporation’s shareholders (undergraduate UWaterloo students) largely to discuss and guide the financial and contractual affairs of the corporation, or under unusual and emergent circumstances, when Students’ Council is unable to make a decision on a particular matter.

The membership elects its two Students’ Council members and five at-large members at the March General Meeting.  The Board of Directors is comprised of the following members:

  • President, who is the Chief Executive Officer;
  • VP Operations and Finance, who is Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer;
  • VP, Internal, who is Secretary;
  • VP, Education;
  • Two voting members of Students' Council
  • Five at-large members; and
  • General Manager (non-voting).

Vacancies occurring on the Board of Directors during the year are filled by the Board of Directors.

In addition to Federal and Provincial laws, the Board of Directors is bound by the Federation of Students’ Board Procedures.

Board of Director Members


Students’ Councillors

  • Tristan Potter
  • Tomson Tran

At Large Members

  • Abdullah Barakat
  • Alexander Wray
  • Matthew Gerrits
  • Vaishnavy Gupta
  • Zhe Chong Tang

Chair of the Board

Non-Voting Members

  • Federation of Students General Manager, Suzanne Burdett

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Download and view past Board of Directors meeting minutes.