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Coordinator of the New Diversity & Inclusion Service (2 Positions)

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Two positions available

Start Date: June 4th, 2018


The new Diversity and Inclusion Service which was approved at the March General Meeting for the Federation of Students is seeking its first student leadership team. Two undergraduate student coordinators will be hired to lead the new service into existence working with the Federation of Students and the Services Manager.

The proposed service will seek to fulfill its vision of eliminating xenophobia and racial inequity on campus in addition to addressing the underrepresentation of racialized students in the post-secondary sector and creating a culturally-inclusive campus. It will aim to achieve this vision through education and advocacy; peer-to-peer support; and events and community building/outreach. This service will be available for all UWaterloo students to volunteer with and to access.

Note: The service will have a more permanent name and will be created as part of the strategic planning and creation of the service over the next several months.


The Coordinator leads all those involved within the service while working closely with the Federation of Students and other stakeholders to ensure that the Diversity and Inclusion service becomes an active service available to all students. The coordinator plays a large role in networking among different organizations, helping develop service goals, objectives and direction. Innovating unique ways to get students involved with the service as well as working on outreach to ensure that students are aware that the service will exist. Coordinators will gather input from a variety of sources on campus to ensure the new service will meet the needs of students. Coordinators will ensure the service is ready to soft-launch in the Fall 2018 term and prepare the service for the official launch in Winter 2018. Coordinators will work alongside the Feds Marketing department to confirm the final name, branding and logo of the service.


  • >= 1 year of experience working with marginalized groups, particularly racialized people
  • An understanding of institutionalized oppression and how we can work to make UW more inclusive for everyone
  • Advocates for racialized issues, especially on campus
  • Able to strategize in face of campus conflict
  • Ability to maintain contact and relationships with a variety of departments on campus
  • Reliable and professional representing the service at all times
  • Advocate for inclusivity and equity
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills
  • Some experience working within a structured management environment an asset
  • Previous event and project management skills an asset
  • Ability to work on the fly
  • Ability to be creative and forward thinking regarding the planning of this new service


Coordinators are eligible for an stipend of up to $400 for the Spring term and $500 for future terms.


Please forward your cover letter and resume to the Services Manager on or before May 20, 2018.

We thank all applicants. We will only be contacting those who will receive an interview.