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Working with Feds: Beyond a Part-Time Job

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Kristen Fajardo
Communications Assistant
Mon, 07/23/2018 - 11:30

With September just around the corner, Federation of Students is looking to hire enthusiastic and passionate undergraduate students for the fall term! It takes a great team of students working across our departments and commercial services to help keep Feds running to the best of its ability. What kind of positions are we looking to fill? From graphic designers to videographers, retail services to event planners, we have a variety of roles for students.

Not only does working with Feds provide a chance to gain some great work experience right here on campus, but it also offers a unique way to connect with, and learn more about, the wider community at the University of Waterloo.

Going into my third year, I thought I had gained a good understanding of Feds, our student government, and student services over the past two years. Now, after three months working as a Communications Assistant with the Marketing and Communications Department this term, I’ve learned more about the Waterloo community and student affairs than I ever had before.

Being a Communications Assistant means making it easy and accessible for all students to stay informed about the topics and issues that matter. Whether it’s a fun event on campus, an upcoming election, a student spotlight, or anything in between, I’ve had the opportunity to interview tons of people within our community and share content that is meaningful to the student body. As someone with a passion for writing, campus involvement and leadership, the Communications Assistant position has provided me with a chance to grow not only as a writer, but as a member of the Waterloo community, and it has certainly been a highlight of my undergraduate career.

Curious what other students have to say about their experience working with Feds? Meet Kyera Mapp, a Feds graphic designer, and Kim Chu, a former line cook at The Bombshelter Pub.

Kyera Mapp | Graphic Designer

I really enjoy graphic design and I wanted to get experience in a setting that wasn’t freelance or for a club. Working for Feds was also a cool way for me to feel connected to the University and the student body.

I work on the Marketing Team in the Advocacy portfolio. We focus on advertising and promotion for student issues, student government and elections. Right now, I’m working on a couple branding projects.

It’s been a super fun experience – by far, it’s my favourite job I’ve ever had. I think the thing I enjoy the most is how chill, funny and understanding everyone is. All of us designers are in the same room so there’s no end to the jokes and random conversations we have. Getting involved with Feds has made me actively want to improve our school. I have learned so much and gotten faster as a designer over the past term. I think everyone should find a way to get involved – it’s really rewarding.

Kim Chu | Line Cook

I applied for The Bombshelter Pub as a line cook. I started off mainly making pizzas, quesadillas, appetizers, and panzos, as well as prepping ingredients. Since I was going to be in Waterloo for the summer, I wanted to find a job where I can earn extra spending money. Living in residence, the location was really convenient for me.

What I liked the most about working at The Bombshelter Pub was the hours. My shifts started, at the earliest, at 9AM, and my weekends were always free! I really enjoyed my experience because of the workers and the atmosphere. The people I worked with were really helpful and friendly, so it was very easy for me to make friends and feel comfortable.

I would definitely encourage students to apply for a job on campus. It is honestly the easiest way to form relationships, learn new skills, and earn some money. Plus, if you have a shift right after class, you won’t have to rush! Managers and supervisors are also very understanding when it comes to helping you balance school and work.

Don’t wait until September to apply – Feds hires and trains in August for many fall term positions. Keep an eye out on our Employment & Volunteer Opportunities page to view open positions, application deadlines, and details on how to apply!