What's it Like to Work with Feds?

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Fri, 04/05/2019 - 14:45

Have you been curious about what it is like to work for Feds? Want to gain professional experience to add to your résumé and get involved with your student union? Read the responses below by one of our videographers, photographers, and communications assistants to hear about their experience with working with Feds!

If you are interested in working with us next term, check out our opportunities for spring 2019!

Rebekah - Videographer

Why did you choose to work with Feds?

Rebekah I chose to work with Feds when I became involved with videography as a hobby back in 2015. I used to make travel videos and vlogs on YouTube with my phone, and working for Feds has re-inspired me to get out there and film or be involved with more video projects. Feds gives me the opportunity to experiment with my interests and my preferred style, and allows me to be creative on the job.

What was the best part about being on Feds video team?

The best part of being on the Feds video team is working with a great group of friendly and unique people on each video project. My video team is always encouraging and helpful when sharpening my filming skills. Coordinating projects and partnering with clients has also been rewarding when we work together to produce an informative quality output that I would not be able to do all by myself. The amount of teamwork that is involved with videography is immense. As a side bonus, it has always been a ton of fun getting to know each person involved with the project.

Do you have a favorite video project that you've worked on? What was it?

My favourite video project was back during Spring 2016, when I worked with my team to create a narrative video introducing incoming students about the services and events organized by Feds. We were able to work together on this project, and each person performed the role they felt most comfortable. One team member had different lenses and equipment that made the video extra special compared to the standard film equipment that I used in the past. I was very excited to act in several roles during this video, and I had the pleasure to be responsible for editing the full video, with the help of a team member. It was very fun to collaborate with my peers and produce a high-quality video we were all proud of.

Would you recommend this position to other students? Why?

I would highly recommend this position to those of all skill levels who are interested in videography and creating promotional content advocating for a Feds service or event. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door, to learn the lifestyle of a videographer and working with partners associated with your project. An additional bonus with this position encourages you to partake in the amazing events that Feds offer such as Welcome Week and Culture Caravan, which you may not have attended in the past.

Doma - Photographer

Why did you choose to work with Feds?


DomaDuring my first year at university I didn't fully engage in campus life mostly due to previous obligations that still consumed a significant amount of my time. Even though I don't regret being involved in activities not related to university, at the end of the academic year I felt like there was something missing. What I also realised was that I will have a second chance in Scotland after I come back from exchange, in Waterloo however I was only given 8 months and I should make the most of this experience!

I found out about volunteer and part time opportunities at Feds through a newsletter that I received a few weeks prior to my arrival in Canada. It was a couple of days before the application deadline and I never thought I'll be given such a chance, so believe me I was completely unprepared. Due to limited time I coded my portfolio website on the plane home from a summer school in Asia - who would have thought those extremely productive 9 hours will have such a significant impact on my entire experience as an exchange student!

What was the best part about being a photographer for Feds?

It was witnessing many touching moments, people showcasing their strengths and overcoming weaknesses. Accomplished individuals and joyful volunteers, each with a unique story, all alike expressing passion and dedication to whatever they were engaged in, inspiring me to be curious and see beyond what is granted. I had tears in my eyes during the RAISE launch event, knowing how much energy and determination everyone involved put into making this happen!

As an international student, how did working with Feds affect your experience at UW?

I immediately joined a very supportive community, so precious when being far away from home. I have been part of initiatives I most likely would not even know about, like that time when I covered the KW Santa Claus Parade. Participating in a local celebration certainly helped me learn more about the traditions of people living in KW and better understand Canadian culture. Working for Feds allows me to see my surroundings from a completely new perspective, to learn and grow on each step. It offers a unique balance between studying and being socially active, giving a great chance to get out of my comfort zone in a safe environment.

Would you recommend this position to other students? Why?

Yes, of course! This is the perfect opportunity to combine your passion with gaining professional experience (and earning some money). Feds is a supportive community where everyone can thrive, freely expressing their personality and creativity.

Yvonn - Communications Assistant

Why did you choose to work with Feds?

yvonnThe opportunity to write about events I’ve attended, learn about new clubs and services on campus, and engage with students all while getting paid for my work was extremely appealing to me. I have always enjoyed writing and I felt that Feds was the perfect opportunity to both write and stay in touch with the campus community. Working part-time has allowed me to stay informed and inform others about things I would not have otherwise known about like the launch of RAISE, the referendums, or what the Volunteer Centre does!

What was the best part about being a Communications Assistant with Feds?

The best part about being a Communications Assistant is how flexible the job is. I get to work on my own time and conduct my work however I want to as long as the final product is high quality. The workload is not too stressful and it can often be fun to destress by writing articles, especially the ones that allow me to share my self-care tips to other students!

What was your favourite article that you’ve worked on as a Communications Assistant?

My favourite article was definitely covering the RAISE launch event. This was an event that I would have otherwise not have attended or even known about had I not been working with Feds. Going to this event and seeing all the amazing things that students around me have achieved was really inspiring and I loved seeing all the diverse talent that was present at the event as well.

Would you recommend this position to other students? Why?

If you like to write, want to get involved, and get paid for doing it, I would definitely say that this position is for you! The Feds community is extremely open and supportive and it is touching how everyone is really grateful that I am taking time to promote their club or service through my articles. It is also a good opportunity to improve your grammar and journalistic writing to prepare for professional writing positions in the future.