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Spotlight: Will Milne, Bike Centre Executive

Lubaba Hoque
Communications Assistant
Mon, 12/10/2018 - 11:00

Meet William Milne, recipient of this term’s Feds Executive Award. Milne is the Co-Rental Program Manager at the Bike Centre and in his 1A term of Mechanical Engineering.

Milne got involved with the Bike Centre when he realized he had time to spare and a useful skill to share. 

“I figured, if I had a mountain bike and I knew how to fix a bike pretty well, and I had a bunch of spare time, [why not] do something on campus that I could help out with. So, I decided to volunteer and help people out with their bikes,” he said.

Milne started as a volunteer for the Bike Centre in September and applied to be an Executive soon after. As a rental manager, he keeps track of all the rental bikes that come in and out of the shop every month. He also assists people with any issues with their rental bikes.

One of the best parts about volunteering at the Bike Centre is the people, Milne said, who he described as friendly and helpful. Volunteering in the Executive role has also helped improve his communication and organizational skills, Milne added. 

Located in the basement of the SLC, the Bike Centre may be slightly off the beaten path, but it's open and welcoming to all students.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that it’s here," Milne said. "If you need any help with your bikes, you’re welcome to come in and we’ll help you.”

In his spare time, Milne likes to hang out with friends and get outdoors whenever he can. He is looking forward to seeing his family and working on other engineering design projects.

Winning the Feds Executive Award was "awesome," Milne said, adding that it was nice that the co-ordinators recognized him for putting in a lot of work at the Bike Centre. 

For the winter term, Milne said he is looking forward to reorganizing the rental system at the Bike Centre and volunteering there more in general.

Interested in volunteering with Milne at the Bike Centre?

"Send us an email and we’ll be happy to throw you in the schedule, show you around and help you learn a couple of things, so you can help people with their bikes,” Milne said.