Spotlight: Sustainable Campus Initiative

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Mon, 07/08/2019 - 10:00

Name: Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI)
Year Established: 2013
Location: Student Life Centre Room 2104

Help make our campus greener by joining the Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI)!

Originally called the uWaterloo Sustainability project, SCI has all types of projects that students can get involved in to tackle environmental and social sustainability issues. These goals are accomplished through events, projects, rallies, workshops, performances, lectures, and behind the scenes meetings with the University administration and Feds to suggest new ideas that can be implemented on campus.

SCI has been the brains and brawn behind introducing water bottle filling stations and porous pathways to campus, hosting the bi-annual clothing swap, starting UW Campus Compost and events such as Sustainability Week and Ecoloo, initiating the Eco-Container Program, and earning UWaterloo its Fair Trade designation.

“SCI is run by a small group of extremely dedicated students who love this campus, the students at this campus, and the earth,” said Emily Carlson, SCI events lead.

Being part of SCI can allow students to have a voice in ensuring that their campus is doing their best in being environmentally and socially responsible. Without SCI, the only body at UWaterloo that is responsible for these issues would be the Sustainability Office. While the Sustainability Office works hard to achieve its objectives, it is important for students to play a role in campus sustainability as well by pitching their innovative ideas and having their voices be heard.

“[SCI] has allowed me to form a community on and off campus and meet people and organizations that are doing extremely inspiring things,” said Carlson. “Working to provide a service to the students of Waterloo has also given me a sense of purpose on campus and leaves me with a better impression of the greater institution that is the University of Waterloo.”

If you are interested in getting involved with SCI and its projects, you can apply to an executive or coordinator position through Leads or sign up for their mailing list.