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Spotlight: Project Trashion

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Lubaba Hoque
Communications Assistant
Tue, 12/04/2018 - 16:30

In case you haven’t heard about Project Trashion, you're about to hear a lot more. Project Trashion is a Feds New Club Award recipient that advocates for sustainability in all things, but with a focus on fashion.

“Project Trashion is a student-led organization where we want to push the creative culture of sustainability to be the norm," said Yoshi Matsuzaki, president of Project Trashion. "We want sustainability to be integrated into society rather than saying it is the definition of society. We want sustainability to be picked up by everyone.”

The club started in November 2017 and within a short time gained the attention of many. The club’s first event was the Project Trashion fashion show titled, “The Union” - an event focused on sustainability.

“Sustainable fashion comes in many forms. We want to showcase both thrifted fashion as well fashion businesses that produce clothes ethically and sustainably," Matsuzaki said. "The last part [of the show] is the waste designs everyone likes to see as the fireworks of the show."

From models to back stage managers, the event took approximately 120 volunteers to organize. The event was a huge success with approximately 250 people in attendance.

“I thought that was a good indicator of people actually demanding more sustainable products,” said Matsuzaki.

Approximately 15 vendors were present at the event including Thift on Kent, The Green Door, Plato’s Closet, Sustainable Campus Inititaive (SCI) and A Million Elephants. The event also had other sustainable businesses like a sustainable magazine company that focused on academic ideas, inspirations and alternative journals, as well as Sweet Dreams Tea Shop, which features organic and vegetarian foods.

Project Trashion was successful in pushing the boundaries of sustainability as high school students and students from University of Toronto were inspired by Project Trashion’s efforts and now plan to host their own sustainability-inspired fashion show.

Project Trashion received the New Club Feds Award in November. Winning the Feds Award was a great milestone Matsuzaki said, but he would like to see change happen. He said that he wants to push for the second-hand clothing store on campus by SCI to become a reality.

Although Matsuzaki was very proud of the fashion show, he says Project Trashion wants to do more small-scale events throughout the term to push the idea and the culture of sustainability.

He also said that Project Trashion hopes to collaborate with other clubs and societies on campus to create something like the Cultural Caravan for sustainability and fashion.

If you want to get involved with Project Trashion, message them on Facebook!