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Spotlight: Jessie Wright, The Bombshelter Pub Student Manager

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Nicole Riddle
Communications Assistant
Fri, 07/20/2018 - 13:45

With the fall term rapidly approaching, Feds is looking to hire new student employees across a number of areas. Wondering what it's like to work for Feds? Read on!

Jessie Wright, student manager and bartender at The Bombshelter Pub,  has been working with Feds for just under two years. Wright wasn’t taking a full course load in her first year at University of Waterloo so she was looking for a convenient and flexible job on campus to fill her extra time. When she saw an ad on about working for The Bomber, she thought it would be a good opportunity. She said she's had a great experience and considers it the best job she's ever had.

The Bombshelter Pub Staff

“The community is amazing, not even just within The Bomber staff - so many people come in everyday, from all over the university and they’re great,” said Wright. “It’s really like coming in and hanging out with my friends all day; it's not like going to work.”

When asked how she has been able to manage a part-time job while in school, Wright commented on how Feds always puts school first. Feds prioritizes academic schedules for part-time student staff, which allows students to balance both work and school.

“The Bomber is super flexible about giving time off, especially during exam season," said Wright. “It’s all about having a good balance between work and school.”

Before working at The Bomber, she didn’t know what the Federation of Students did or who they were, Wright said. But working at The Bomber, one of the commercial services operated by Feds, has taught her more about her student union and all that Feds is responsible for on campus.  

According to Wright, working for Feds has allowed her to feel more connected to the school and has given her more opportunities to get involved.

“It’s interesting to be a part of the organization that runs everything on campus, because you are super in the know of what’s going on all the time,” she said.

If you're looking for a part-time job for the upcoming fall term, consider working with Feds! Whether it be at The Bomber, in retail services, as a member of the marketing team or with student government, you can be sure that you will be working for an organization that values you and your education.

Be sure to check out the Feds Employment & Volunteer Opportunities page to see if there’s a job at Feds that is suited for you!