June Students' Council Update

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Vivien Pham
Communications Assistant
Mon, 06/17/2019 - 15:45

June 9, 2019: Feds Students’ Council held their monthly Council meeting to discuss items they're looking into and working on. While a vast range of reports and orders were addressed, here are a few highlights

Introducing the Empower Me Program

Proposed by Vice President Operations and Finance Seneca Velling, the Empower Me program is a potential opportunity for Feds to expand its current Health Plan. Empower Me consists of coverage for early intervention and preventative care. Essentially, it can be additional mental health and wellness coverage on top of the current plan. Since the current Health Plan cannot fully support continued and extended use of counselling supports without increasing fees paid by students, the Empower Me program can possibly stand in to supplement early intervention and preventative care from Counselling and Health Services. The program allows students to connect with counsellors, consultants, and life coaches in person, by telephone, or by video/e-counselling.

To determine whether this addition of Empower Me will be beneficial to undergraduate students, Velling has committed time into gauging student opinion through information and feedback sessions, as well as seeking advice from Campus Health and Wellness partners and the Committee on Student Mental Health. A report presenting the outcomes of these sessions will be prepared later in the term.

Ratification of Commissioners

Council has officially approved the appointment of the following of commissioners:

  • Maya Venters as the Academic Affairs Commissioner;
  • Jaskaran Dhillon as the Municipal Affairs Commissioner;
  • Fayza Ibrahim as the Provincial and Federal Affairs Commissioner; and
  • Victoria Rodney as the Equity Commissioner.

Electing Select Committee on Long Range Planning

During this meeting, Council also voted on who they would like to see sit on the organization’s Long Range Planning Committee, tasked with developing a 5-year plan with strategic goals for the Federation of Students. Upon voting, Council elected June Xu and Kaitlynn McComiskey to the Student Councillor positions and Alex Lee to the Student At-Large position. If students are interested in learning more about the Long Range Plan or how they can get involved, they should reach out to the President, Michael Beauchemin.

To learn more about Council Meetings, you can rewatch their meeting livestreams and visit the Students’ Council page for additional information about this study body as well as view minutes from previous Council Meetings.