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Feds Elections: Find the Right Role for You

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Lubaba Hoque
Communications Assistant
Fri, 12/21/2018 - 09:45

Nominations for Feds Elections are currently open!

Represent your fellow undergrads by running for a position on Feds Executive, Students' Council, or UW Senate

Wondering what it's like to hold one of these positions? Current Exec, Councillors, and Senators share their experiences.


Executive positions: President, Vice President Student Life, Vice President Education and Vice President Operations and Finance.

From VP Student Life Savannah Richardson:

“Everyone in the Executive team brings unique perspectives from our varied undergrad experiences, which allows us to support students in varying ways... You get to work with the University to continually improve the student experience. It’s been a fantastic opportunity to work so closely with UW admin, who care so deeply for the students on this campus. The student experience needs to be looked at starting in the classroom but then can blossom into almost anything.”

Who should consider running for an Executive role?

“There are many evenings and weekends you’ll spend working. This role is a full-time job plus some. While it is a large time commitment, it’s worth it. The experience you gain doing a role like this is incomparable. The people you meet, the work you get to do, and everything you get to learn makes the large time commitment more than worth it,” said Richardson.

Students' Council 

Students' Council positions: Every faculty has their own councillors. The number of councillors per faculty are representative of the size of the faculty. 

From Math Councillor Bilal Akhtar:

“If you think there are ways that you could help improve the student experience at Waterloo and you’ve got constructive criticism about Feds services or about the University as a whole, this is a pretty great place to help make a change in that way.”

Councillors devote approximately 5 hours a week to the role, and attend a Students' Council meeting once a month that lasts about 3-4 hours, Akhtar said. Outside of the meeting, Councillors have to read the agenda, talk to peers and create agenda items.

Who should consider running for a Council role?

If you are a person who likes to do a lot of speaking and writing as well as articulating your thoughts, this is a good position to do so, Akhtar said.


Senate positions: Each faculty has a Senator, and two At-large Senate positions are also available. 

From At-Large Senator Hannah Sesink:

“If people are really interested in the academic side of student life, Senate would be a really good place to try and make a difference.”

Senators have to attend senate meetings which occur once a month for approximately 2 hours, Sesink said. In preparation for the meeting, senators have to read the agenda and prepare questions. Senators can also sit on additional Senate committees if they want.

Who should consider running for a Senate role?

“When you are on Senate, you are speaking in front of a lot of people and a lot of very important people, so it’s important to be confident in yourself. People who have good public speaking skills, critical thinking, those are the sort of things you want as a Senator because you will want to be asking critical questions,” said Sesink.

Nominations are open until January 17, 2019 at 4 p.m. Visit to learn more!