Bring Home a New Ride at the Bike Centre Auction

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Yvonn Yu
Communications Assistant
Mon, 05/13/2019 - 12:15

Looking for a healthy, sustainable way to get around this spring? The Bike Centre is holding its bi-annual second-hand bike auction on Wednesday, May 22 at noon in the Student Life Centre (SLC) Great Hall.

“Riding a bike is a health-benefiting activity: it decreases stress and anxiety levels, helps to build muscle and flexibility, and increases stamina and aerobic fitness,” said Bike Centre service coordinator, Ted Jiang. “It also helps benefit the environment by reducing air-polluting gas emissions that can be caused by other modes of motorized transportation.”

Bikes featured at the auction are retrieved by the Bike Centre through their legal theft program, where bikes abandoned on campus are collected to promote a cleaner campus. Each bike will start at $80 with the going price depending on how popular a particular bike is. All proceeds will go toward the Bike Centre in their goal to enhance active transportation on campus.

The Bike Centre aims to provide 25 bikes or more at the auction. The bikes will have varying degrees of performance levels to meet a variety of students’ needs, and every bike is inspected by the Bike Centre repair manager for safety and functionality.

Once a student is a proud owner of a new bicycle, the Bike Centre advises that students take precautions in ensuring that their bikes are properly locked to prevent theft.

“We recommend using a U-lock for the frame and rear wheel and a cable for the front wheel,” said Jiang. “This is the same locking technique recommended by many police departments worldwide, including UW Police.”

Students are encouraged to come to the auction earlier to check out the bikes and see which ones interest them before the bidding begins.

The Bike Centre also provides students with a do-it-yourself repair shop with affordable bike parts and tools for routine maintenance. In addition, they have a rental program for students who wish to take advantage of this form of transportation but do not wish to buy a bike of their own. The rental bikes come with its own U-lock and maintenance.

To find out more about what the Bike Centre offers, check out their website or find them on Facebook [external link].