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Association of Caribbean Students Reps UWaterloo in Montreal

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Julie Nguyen
Communications Assistant
Mon, 11/26/2018 - 15:15

On November 16, the Association of Caribbean Students (ACS) from the University of Waterloo and Laurier’s Association of Caribbean Students [external link] represented Waterloo for the first time ever at Culture Weekend 2018 [external link], an event held by Concordia’s Caribbean Student Union [external link] every year in Montreal.

The 20th annual Culture Weekend features a conference, culture show, networking opportunity, and an all-around huge party, celebrating the food, dance, and history of Caribbean students in Canada. Students are invited from universities all over Canada and the United States to partake in the festivities, and often, guests from these schools will perform with their respective organizations as a way to showcase their club and culture.

“This was an amazing opportunity to meet with so many like-minded Caribbean students and discuss the things that not only affect Carribeans, but the Caribbeans who are a part of the diaspora in Canada,” said Miguel Louisy, president of the ACS.

Louisy received the invitation from Concordia University to Culture Weekend, and since some of his efforts as leader of the club include working with partners in the Waterloo community to provide a broader sense of belonging for Caribbean students, he decided it was a great opportunity to join forces with Laurier’s ACS to represent Waterloo on a global scale at the conference and party.

The topic of this year’s conference was “Colourism,” and Concordia U invited local Montrealers who have extensive experience in research and real-life living regarding the topic to open a discussion among the students in attendance.

From connecting students within the UWaterloo community, to finding bigger Caribbean communities across Ontario on Canada, Louisy says that he wanted to contribute to the community that helped him with his transition from the Caribbean to Canada in his first year.

Some of the other efforts that ACS is involved with includes regular fundraisers for both the club and charities, and a big/little mentorship program which pairs first and second year students with an upper-year mentor within the club.

ACS UW is hosts regular networking and social events for all students! Curiosity piqued? Follow their Facebook Page [external link] for updates.