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Appreciating Our Volunteers

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Ayesha Masood
Communications Assistant
Mon, 04/02/2018 - 14:45

At University of Waterloo, student-led clubs, societies and services make up a significant part of the undergraduate experience. Whether you are interested in gaming or showcasing your musical talent, or simply would like to bond with like-minded peers over exotic cheeses and memes, there is a Feds club for you - and none of them would exist without the selfless dedication of student volunteers.

“Our student volunteers are the backbone, heart and soul of our clubs,” said Clubs Manager Jake Riesenkonig. “Simply put, without volunteers, we wouldn’t have the hundreds of clubs that cater to all sorts of interests and bring students together on campus.”

Students who dedicate their time and effort toward creating an inclusive and engaging community on campus deserve a special shout out. That’s why, each term, volunteers are celebrated at Volunteer Appreciation.

Volunteers are thanked for their efforts with dinner and drinks, and outstanding volunteers are recognized with peer-nominated awards based on their dedication and hard work in our campus community.

“It is imperative to recognize people who go above and beyond to participate in their community, such community exists only through them,” said Riesenkonig.

This term, the clubs community lost a very active club member, Paolo Gabriel. Beloved by all who knew him, his dedication towards the community and his legacy of kindness and positivity were recounted by peers during the event.

“Whoever Paolo met, he left a piece of his heart with them,” Riesenkonig said. “He was always there, always welcoming and always inclusive. He would light up any room he walked in.”

Many thanks to all our tireless volunteers for all your time, dedication and energy in making our campus more vibrant.

Club Award

Afro Fusion Dance Club

The Afro Fusion Dance Club promotes the learning of African culture through dance. Striving to be inclusive to all skill levels, they ensure that members can take something meaningful from each class.

President Award

Kenechi Chidolue

As the founder of the Afro Fusion Dance Club, she created a space where anyone can stay fit through dance. She has constantly shown her dedication to her role through facilitating dozens of classes, workshops and performances.

Coordinator Award

Hannah Sesink, Warrior Tribe

Hannah is in her fourth term as the coordinator of Warrior Tribe. She is dedicated about working with her executive team and passionate about developing leadership and team building. She has made her vision for Warrior Tribe into a reality and Warrior Tribe continues to grow each term under her leadership.

Vaiva Dzemionas, MATES

Vaiva works extremely hard to address the needs of MATES and has the most welcoming and caring attitude. She has helped to increase student usage of the program through connecting MATES volunteers with groups and programs across campus.

Executive Award

Christine To, Habitat for Humanity

Christine from Habitat for Humanity has gone above and beyond as the club’s VP. Her charisma encourages others to bring 110% to the table to ensure the success of all the clubs’ events and activities.

Honourable Mention: Brie Treviranus, UW Drag Club

Brie from UW Drag club has been a core organizer and marketer of club events and is a great inspiration to club members.

Volunteer Award

Loreta Sinn, MATES

Loreta has been an incredible volunteer for MATES this term. Taking on the huge role of Chilly Dog Run Coordinator, she constantly goes above and beyond her assigned role.

Honourable Mention: Sarah Price, MATES

She is an exemplary volunteer for MATES this term, attending as many events/meetings as possible and works extremely hard to cover for fellow volunteers’ hours when needed.

Thank you all for your wonderful contributions to our community!