2018-2019 Exec Recap

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Julie Nguyen
Communications Assistant
Fri, 05/03/2019 - 12:15

Now that our 2018-2019 Feds Execs have completed their term and we've welcomed in the 2019-2020 Execs, we wanted to recap some of the achievements the previous Exec accomplished during their term.

Vice President Operations & Finance, Kurt MacMillan

  • UPass Opt In for AccessAbility Students
    • With the new tap validation on GRT busses arriving in fall 2018, VPOF negotiated for students who were not previously able to access the transit pass (such as students who attend satellite campuses and students registered within AccessAbility) to have the ability to opt in to a UPass.
  • Introduce Legal Service for students; passed by referendum 
    • For Warriors who find themselves at the crossroads of legal battles regarding housing, labour laws, or safety, this new legal service includes access to legal hotline for advice as a flat fee included in student fees.
  • Bomber Closing
    • Unfortunately the Bombshelter pub was forced to close its doors due to financial losses. But plans to revitalize the space are underway, with consultations and surveys taking place to see what students want so it can become a vibrant new student space.

Vice President Student Life, Savannah Richardson

  • Wellness Days
    • Instead of one week of wrap up events at the end of the semester, VPSL Savannah Richardson partnered with UW Athletics and Peer Health Education to introduce Wellness Days throughout the term. These events and activities work to improve three pillars physical, mental, and lifestyle. 
  • New student-run service, RAISE

  • Wellness Days specific programming for satellite campuses

    • Students at our satellite campuses such as Stratford, Cambridge, and Kitchener now have Wellness Day activities specifically designed for them!
  • Satellite Campus Advocacy

    • ​​​​​​​VPSL Savannah worked hard to ensure the voice of satellite campus students was heard to various departments on campus. Specifically, she worked closely with Athletics and Recreation in order to enhance the fitness offerings for students on satellite campuses. Students at the School of Architecture and the School of Pharmacy should see improvements to their fitness experience over the next few months.

Vice President Education Matthew Gerrits

  • No increase in co-op fees this year
    • Keeping your money in your pockets, VPED Matthew Gerrits successfully advocated for a 0% increase on co-op fees! In addition to this, a co-op fee review was conducted to better understand allocation of such fees.
  • CAPS service
  • Predictable tuition framework for International Students extended by another year
    • Predictable tuition framework for International Students extended by another year, after being approved in February 2018. This has been an important and ongoing advocacy initiative for Feds over the past several years, and will provide financial predictability for incoming international students, and allow the University the flexibility to increase international student tuition at intake to stay competitive with other comparable, researchintensive institutions.
  • Advocated for amendments made to the Residential Tenancies Act: Standard lease forms
    • Officially announced Feb. 7, 2018 via Ministry of Housing [external link]. Standard lease forms help both landlords and tenants understand their rights and responsibilities, and reduce illegal terms in leases.
  • Fall Break
    • Initiated the backroom work to figure out if a Fall Break was feasible, and then ran one of the most participatory referenda in the history of Feds to determine the best course of action, resulting in things like the Reading Break Pilot and the future fullweek Fall Break.

President Richard Wu

  • Student Mental Health Council & signing of Okanagan Charter
    • Helped continue the work of the Student Mental Health Council and pushed for University of Waterloo Administration to draft and sign the Okanagan Charter, which lays out specific action items to promote mental health on campus.
  • Sexual violence response training
  • A busy year in governance
  • Richard Wu headed 3 referenda, 4 elections, and 1.5 General Meetings (it lost quorum!)      

The Feds Exec term runs from May until the end of April. While we are all thrilled to welcome the 2019-2020 team, we want to take the time to recognize only a small sliver of what the 2018-2019 Execs have achieved. Their hard work is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed!