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Established in 1998, the Campus Response Team (CRT) is a student-run service that provides support to the uWaterloo campus. By offering their services to all major events and activities taking place on campus, CRT plays a crucial role in the safety of students. Through rigorous training of its members, CRT is equipped to provide assistance in emergency situations requiring First Aid and CPR. In cases of more serious emergencies that may occur during an event, CRT responders are trained to take charge of a scene and provide the initial response prior to the arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

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Joining CRT

Are you an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo? Do you have a valid First Aid and CPR certification? Are you able to commit to two terms? Apply to join the Campus Response Team today!

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You must fulfill the following prerequisites in order to be eligible to apply to CRT:

  • Must be an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo.
  • Must have a valid Standard First Aid and any level of CPR certification (CPR HCP is recommended) from a recognized Canadian agency approved by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario. Please refer to the Providers approved to deliver Emergency and Standard First Aid  External Link on the WSIB website. 
  • Must be able to commit to a minimum of two terms with CRT. 

You may apply to CRT through the LEADS  External Link system. As it stands, we only accept digital applications through LEADS  External Link. However, you're more than welcome to come and speak to us in SLC 3103 for guidance on the application process.

For more information about joining CRT and time commitment, please review the CRT recruitment details below or email our Directors of Membership at



CRT’s official standard of care is Standard First Aid and CPR HCP. All applicants to CRT must hold a valid certification in Standard First Aid (SFA) , certified and issued by a recognized agency according to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). SFA certifications issued by these agencies are typically valid for three years but may vary depending on the agency. All successful applicants will be required to complete a CPR HCP course before the end of the term.

This course provides training on all aspects of first aid and CPR, including spinal injuries, heat or cold injuries, bone and joint injuries, abdominal and chest injuries, burns, and medical/legal aspects.  

Additionally, all applicants to CRT must be current undergraduate students at the time of application. Unfortunately, graduate and/or postgraduate students are not eligible to apply.

Upcoming course offerings in Kitchener/Waterloo:

St. John Ambulance:

Register online and enter your location preferences or by phone at (519) 579-6285.

University of Waterloo Athletics:

Visit the University of Waterloo Athletics website and search for First Aid Courses.

Time Commitment

Typically, CRT members are required to take about 20 hours of shifts during the term, in addition to doing 2 hours of Advocacy and Promotions (AnP) work. Responders must also attend mandatory training sessions throughout the term (see below)

Member Training

The Campus Response Team operates at a Standard First Aid and CPR HCP level of care. Many members, however, are trained at the Advanced Medical First Responder (AMFR) or Medical First Responder (MFR) level. In addition to their certification, all active members of CRT undergo the following mandatory training every term:

Throughout the term CRT holds 3 mandatory members meetings for the Trainers to review key skills. Additionally, relevant CRT business is discussed and members participate in team building activities. Each session typically lasts about 5 hours.

Casualty Simulation (CasSim): Every term, CRT will take volunteers from the community and host a large scale, in-house, first-aid competition called CasSim. This competition simulates a variety of challenging emergencies with CRT members responding and being evaluated by their peers. Many of CRT's past CasSim events have been featured in local media such as The Record, Imprint and CTV.

Volunteer Application 

If you have a valid Standard First Aid and CPR certification, you are eligible and welcome to apply. The deadline for applications for the Winter 2019 term is Thursday, January, 17th 2019 by 9:00 pm. Applicants will be assigned an interview by Friday, January 18th, 2019.

Are you available for the following mandatory dates?

  • Interview Weekend is on Saturday, January 19th; interviews will be assigned via email on the night of Thursday, January 24th, 2019 (11:59 pm at the latest).

  • Training Weekend is January 26th, 27th and February 2nd, 3rd from 8:00 am up to 6:00 pm on both days.

  • Training Sessions: February 10th, February 24th, March 24th Casualty Simulation Event (CasSim): March 2nd.

Our team is now increasing our standard of care. Due to this we require that you must be willing to take the Red Cross “First Responder” certification course with the Campus Response Team if you do not already possess this certification. The course is normally ~$700 but is offered for $490 through CRT. At this time, reimbursement is not guaranteed, so we require that members cover the $490 cost on their own. The mandatory dates we will run this course are January 26th, 27th and Febuary 2nd and 3rd. The course will be run on the above dates from 8am-6pm. You must attend all four days to become certified. Payment will be collected for this course prior to Jan 23rd, if you are selected.

Please remember to click SUBMIT when you are done filling out the form. If you have any questions about the application or certifications, please email Please note that LEADs will log you out after a certain amount of time. You may write out your answers in a separate document.

FIRST AID PREREQUISITES: All applicants MUST have a valid Standard First Aid and CPR certification. Accepted certification providers can be found on WSIB.

Apply on LEADs:  External Link

Volunteer for CRT's Casualty Simulation (CasSim)

Every term, CRT will take volunteers from the community and host a large scale in-house first-aid competition called CasSim. This competition simulates a variety of challenging on-campus emergencies with CRT members responding and being evaluated by their peers.

Note: A sign up link will be posted closer to the date. Please check out our Facebook page for more information.

CRT Coverage Request

If you would like UWCRT attend your event, please fully complete and submit the CRT Coverage Request Form. Note that we require minimum 14 days in order to process your request and arrange for trained first aid responders to be present at your event.


  1. To inform students on how to improve their health, safety and quality of life by providing training and community service.
  2. To increase student safety at events and across campus by providing trained volunteers to provide first aid, CPR, and the necessary medical supplies.
  3. To build awareness of health and safety issues across campus.


In 1998, the Campus Response Team began its journey as an on-campus first aid team. CRT was quickly adopted thereafter as a service by the Federation of Students. With an advisory board consisting of representatives from Health Services, the Federation of Students, the Student Life Centre, the Safety office, and uWaterloo Police, the team has quickly grown to be fully integrated as a vital component of the uWaterloo community.

CRT is part of a national umbrella organization: The Association of Campus Emergency Response Teams of Canada (ACERT). In the past, CRT has both attended and hosted a variety of first aid competitions and extra training, including hosting a national first aid conference alongside Laurier’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) titled “NCCER: National Conference of Campus Emergency Responders”. CRT has also hosted a joint training simulation with Waterloo EMS, which has received attention in The Record, CTV, and other media.

CRT has recently undergone rebranding with its new motto: "Service, Excellence, Professionalism." As part of the re-branding, the logo was changed to the current Star of Life, including the motto. Our red uniforms have been replaced with navy blue for improved recognition and overall appearance. To increase visibility and member safety during outdoor and night events, CRT has also implemented reflective tactical vests. With these new changes, CRT is excited to serve the student community at the University of Waterloo.

CRT Team

Winnie Chow
Administrative Coordinator
Zayd Schafer
Operations Coordinator
Jade Tran & Marielle Gibson
Directors of Training
Julia Lumini, Michelle Li & Sunny Deng
Directors of Administration
Hailey Key
Director of Scheduling
Joanne Whyte
Director of Inventory
Emily Johnston
Director of Research and Development
Patrick Nguyen​
Research Assistant
Samantha Bycraft, Iman Salehi, Rafael Avezbadalov & Benjamin Wilkins
Assistant Trainers


Student Life Centre
Room 3103

200 University Ave West
Waterloo, ON N2L 3G1
519 888 4567 x31000

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