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The Federation of Students holds their General Election every year in the winter term.  The election determines who will be your student representatives for the following year, including  Students’ Council.

Interested in becoming our next student leader? Talk to one of  your current Councillors to learn how they got to where they are!
#UWVotes​For information regarding Feds elections, please contact your current president,

Your Incoming Students' Council

This year’s Students’ Council Election was a race for the Science Councillors with a 5.5% voter turnout. All other positions were acclaimed or remain open. For vacancies see Available Positions.

Science Council: 

Benjamin EastonBenjamin Easton

Team name: SodiumFine 

Program and Year: Science and Business, 2A

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo:

  • Feds Science Councillor
  • Science Society’s Board of Directors
  • Task Force on Feds General Meeting Engagement & Structure
  • Education Advisory Council
  • Internal Funding Committee 

Top 3 Platform Points:

  • Reforming Feds to make its institutions more accessible for students 
  • Striving to keep Feds transparent 
  • Continuing to work with SciSoc to ensure cohesion amongst all Science student governance

You should elect me to Students’ Council because I have demonstrated my dedication to the position, and to student issues over my past year serving as your Feds Science Councillor. 

This year I’ve been involved with the SciSoc’s Board of Directors, the Education Advisory Council, the Internal Funding Committee, and have advocated directly to President Hamdullahpur about student engagement. Over my term as councillor, I’ve also worked closely with my teammates Elizabeth O’Sullivan and Seneca Veilling on issues from student engagement to co-op fee increases. Should we be re-elected, we will continue to make your voices heard on Students’ Council!

Christopher KockoChristopher Kocko

Program and Year: Biomedical Science, 3B 

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo:

  • President & Founder of Polish Society of UW 
  • Science Orientation Leader 
  • MKV Residence Council Executive

Top 3 Platform Points:

  • Achieve greater representation and opportunities for students in science 
  • Improve resources and sustainability on campus 
  • Create more effective and productive standards readily available for Science related guidance

Links to website and social: Facebook

​Elizabeth O’SullivanElizabeth O’Sullivan

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo:

  • 2017-2018 Science Councillor
  • 2017-2018 Speaker (Feds Students’ Council)

Top 3 Platform Points:

  • Reforming Feds to make its institutions more accessible for students 
  • Striving to keep Feds transparent 
  • Continuing to work with SciSoc to ensure cohesion amongst all Science student governance

Over the last year I have served as a Science Councillor and Speaker of the Feds Council. The current Science Councillors and I have worked hard to increase Feds transparency for Science students as well as convey all Science student concerns to the bodies that are able to create the change we would like to see. During this upcoming term in office our team’s goals will be: 1. Reforming FEDS to make its institutions more accessible for students 2. Striving to keep FEDS transparent 3. Continuing to work with SciSoc to ensure cohesion amongst all Science student governance.

​Seneca Velling​Seneca Velling

Team Name: SodiumFine

Program and Year: Materials & Nanoscience, 3B

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo:

  • 2017-2018 Science Councillor
  • Previous Speaker of SciSoc
  • Previous Treasurer for German Society

Links to website and social:

​Hi Science! I am Seneca Velling, a 3B Materials & Nanoscience student, from Team SodiumFine, and your current Councillor. I've worked hard to bring needed reforms to Feds and pass policies to protect Freedom of Expression, increase Student Space, and revamp your Feds-administered fees. I represent you on committees dealing with co-op, budget, mental health, and governance reform. Previously I was Speaker of SciSoc and Treasurer for German Society. I look forward to continuing to serve and advocate for science students. You can learn more about what my teammates and I have done for you on the on

Arts Council

Andrew MohanAndrew Mohan

Program and Year: AFM, 2A

Hi! My name is Andrew Mohan and I am a 2A AFM student. In the past I have been involved in Feds as a club support team coordinator, a Feds orientation leader, and a volunteer in other events. I am also one of the current Arts Councillors and I look forward to serving on the student council for another year.

Jacque German-DoucetJacque German-Doucet

Program and Year: Political Science and Legal Studies, Third Year

Top 3 Platform Points:

  • Interconnection between Faculties
  • Democracy on Campus
  • Inclusion and Representation

The University of Waterloo is the greatest school in Canada for many reasons. We have the most amazing students doing the most amazing things. We are innovative, diverse, and passionate. It is because of the students that Waterloo is Waterloo. Knowing this, it is important to me that we all start working more closely together, that we all feel empowered to think, act, and express ourselves in the ways we know to be in “Harmony with Truth”. As your Arts Councillor, I will work with you to promote these ideals and to act as an advocate for our community.

Engineering Council

Alexander EyreAlexander Eyre

Program and Year: Nanotechnology Engineering, Second Year

Alexander Eyre is a second-year Nanotechnology Engineering student. He currently serves as the Team Lead of the UWaterloo Satellite Design Team and has already served a year as an Engineering Councillor. In his next year on Feds Council, Alexander plans to represent the interests of engineering and co-op students. With his goal of getting more engineers engaged in student government, he will be an advocate for programs to help these students get more involved. He will also work towards empowering Feds clubs to pursue their goals and reducing their Feds paperwork, as he already has in the Internal Administration Committee.

Jason Small

This candidate’s information has not been submitted at this time.

Junru Chen (Jerry)

Program and Year: Computer Engineering, 4A

Linyi Cheng (Lenny)Lenny Cheng

Program and Year: Computer Engineering, Fourth Year

Lenny is a 4th year Computer Engineering student and part of the ECE2019 class. As a Feds Engineering Councillor, Lenny will work with his constituents to address student concerns and advocate for stronger student services. He plans to collaborate with other Councillors to 
address students' dissatisfaction of CECA and inform students of relevant Feds initiatives.

Muhammad Atlaf

​This candidate’s information has not been submitted at this time.

Math Council

Deon HuaDeon Hua

Program and Year: Computer Science, 4A

Hi Mathies! I’m Deon, a 4A Computer Science student. As a former Mental Health Awareness director, I ran events to help students and pressured University administration for better mental health services. As councillor, I will continue to advocate for improved services. Sustainability will be an increasingly important issue going forwards, and it is essential that we act. I believe that improved cross-faculty coordination can provide better services to students from all faculties. Please feel free to reach out to me with feedback or suggestions - email me at!

St. Jerome’s Council

Oliver Campbell

​This candidate’s information has not been submitted at this time.

Stratford Council

Amandreo Cortes

Program: Global Business and Digital Arts

Hello everyone! My name is Amandreo Cortes and I have the absolute pleasure of being a Student Councillor for the 2018-2019 year. I am a Global Business and Digital Arts student and here to represent the student's voice. I have always used the opportunities here at the University of Waterloo to better myself and I am excited to use my skills, knowledge and experiences to strengthen the relationships of the Stratford Community with the Waterloo Community. I aim to help build a strong team, to represent your voice in the many committees I wish to advocate in.

Available Positions

By-elections are currently underway. If you or someone you know is interested in running for a council position, please download the nomination package below. The nomination package must be filled out completely (please ensure it is legible) and returned to the Feds front desk (SLC 1102). If you have any questions or require more information please contact

  Nomination Package (PDF) 

Arts: 2 seats

Math: 5 seats

Renison: 1 seat

Cambridge: 1 seat

Kitchener: 1 seat

Environment: 1 seat

Applied Health Science: 1 seat

Senate Environment: 1 seat


Nomination packages will be available during the election period.


  • Nomination packages are now available for those interested in running in a by-election for any of the remaining positions.
  • During Nomination Period for the General Feds Election, nomination packages are available at
  • Please read and complete nomination form in its entirety.
  • Only Waterloo undergraduate students in your faculty are eligible to sign council nomination forms.
  • Successful Students’ Council Nominees will have 25 signatures.
  • Applications are due by 4pm on the last day of the Nominations Period.*
  • An All Candidates Meeting (candidate information session) will typically be held on the same day, following the campaign submission deadline. This meeting is mandatory as important information will be shared concerning the elections process and the campaigning period.*
  • Candidates are responsible for becoming familiar with the Federation of Students’ By-laws, Elections & Referenda Procedures, and all other applicable organizational documents available through the Feds Library.
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their information with this nomination form to be included in the Feds Elections promotional materials. See nomination package for more details.*

*Not applicable for this running in a by-election.

Nomination packages

 Nomination Package (PDF)

During the Feds General Election visit during the nomination period to obtain your paperless nomination package.

Important Dates

Check back here during the Feds General Election in the winter 2019 term.  We’ll have key dates for all things below as well as information for events related to the Election.

Nomination Period

All Candidates Meeting

Interim Period

Campaign Period

Brunch & Ballots

Voting Period 
*Note: Campaigning still permitted during voting period

Violation Forms

Allegations & Appeals

No allegations or appeals at this time.