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Senate is responsible for all issues relating to academic quality, including the granting of degrees, setting program requirements and approving academic regulations. It is made up of University administration, faculty, and nine student leaders. These student leaders are elected during the Feds Elections in the winter term.

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This year's Senate Election was a race for the At-Large seat as well as the seat for the faculty of Science. The race for Senate-At-Large saw a 4.1% voter turnout and the race for the Science Senate seat had a 5.3% voter turnout.

The Senate seat for Arts was acclaimed, and the seat for Environment was later filled in a by-election in March held by the University Senate. For a full list of current membership on Senate, check out the Waterloo Secretariat (External link).

Senate: At Large

Hannah SesinkHannah Sesink

Program and Year: 4A Joint Honours, Recreation and Leisure Studies, Social Development Studies 

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo:

  • Fall 2014 – Winter 2015 – ARBUS Society Events Director, Renison Ambassador, Renisix (Student Council) Social Convenor 
  • Fall 2015 – Spring 2016 – Renison Don, Canada Day Executive, Waterloo Team Feds Member 
  • Fall 2016 – Spring 2017 – Warrior Tribe Executive, Feds Orientation Leader, Fall Welcome Week Coordinator, Clubs Support Team – Community and Recreational Coordinator, SDS Peer Leader, Warrior Tribe Coordinator, Sports Marketing Co-op, Waterloo Professional Development (WatPD) Teaching Assistant, Feds Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) OWeek 2017 
  • Fall 2017 – Winter 2018 – Warrior Tribe Coordinator, Student Ambassador, Feds Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) OWeek 2018, Internal Administration Committee 

Top 3 Platform Points:

  • Experience
  • Dedication
  • Network

Fellow Warriors, since coming to UW I have committed my time and effort to Waterloo, contributing to the community and uniting us all as Warriors! I’m passionate and willing to put in the work to make sure students’ voices are heard, valued and cared about. My diverse volunteer and co-op experiences have given me unique opportunities to serve my fellow students, giving me a vast network across campus. I believe my experience and my passion for the students on this campus makes me the ideal candidate to represent your voice. Vote for Hannah Sesink – the choice for better change.

Senate: Science

Tyler MarquesTyler Marques

Program and Year: 4A Science and Business

Previous Applicable Involvement with Feds/Waterloo: 

  • Science Board of Directors Member
  • Federation Orientation Committee (FOC) member for Science
  • Co-op Fee Review Student Advisory Panel Member
  • Orientation Coordinator and Leader
  • Feds Service Coordinator

Top 3 Platform Points: 

  1. Create an open channel of communication between Faculty of Science students, university administrators and stakeholders.
  2. Understand the issues that plague Science students, and communicate their full weight to Faculty and administration members to ensure they are taken into account in future proposals, projects and reviews.
  3. An open-door policy - I want to hear from Science students, and will always be able to dedicate the time it takes to hear out their needs.

I've been a part of the Faculty of Science for the last four years, being heavily involved in Orientation and and advocating for the success of my fellow students. I want to continue to advocate for a learning environment we're proud to call home. The faculty of Science has treated me like family, and in my last year as an undergraduate here at UW, I want make sure current and future students feel as welcome here as I do. If you elect me, I promise to help the administration know what it feels like to stand in your shoes, and strike home the issues affecting you. I want to help build a better and brighter UW for current and future Science faculty undergrads.

Senate: Arts

Maya VentersMaya Venters

Program and Year: English and Political Science, Second Year

My name is Maya Venters and I am a second-year English and Political Science student. I am excited to be representing undergraduate students within the Faculty of Arts on the University Senate for the next two years! As someone who is very passionate and regularly engages with academic issues on campus, I hope we can maintain an open dialogue, and that I may be a voice for students on committees such as the University Committee on Student Appeals. I look forward to getting to know the constituents within my faculty, and for what lies ahead in the upcoming terms.


Download the Nomination Form for more information on the nomination process, including the required number of signatures. Completed forms can be dropped off at the Secretariat & Office of General Counsel in Needles Hall, room 3060.

Undergraduate Student Senate Nomination details can be found at the University of Waterloo Secretarial Nominations (External Link)  webpage.

Senate Position Details

The University of Waterloo Senate has the power to the establish educational policies, and the power to make recommendations to the Board of Governors with respect to matters relative to the operation of the University (see the UW Act, section 22). The following are examples of matters that fall under the jurisdiction of Senate: establish, maintain, and modify curricula; determine standards of admission; regulate examinations; confer degrees and diplomas, and honorary degrees; enact bylaws; engage in long-range academic planning. There are 93 members of Senate, with eight seats reserved for undergraduate students. Student senators normally serve for two years as either a Faculty representative or an at-large representative. Senators must: be dedicated and willing to commit time each month to read and comprehend the agenda, and come prepared when attending the monthly 1.5 to two-hour meeting; be open, transparent, and trustworthy; be informed, and committed to serve in pursuit of the University’s objectives; and avoid conflicts of interest. More information on Senate can be found in the University of Waterloo Act and Senate Bylaw 1.


Refer to Senate Bylaw 3  External Link for more information on nominations and elections.

Senate Contact

Any questions relating to the above may be directed to Emily Schroeder, extension 32749.