Executive Elections


February 1st 3pm 
The Bombshelter Pub

February 5 – 7

February 8th 10:30am
SLC Great Hall

The Federation of Students holds their General Election every year in the winter term.  The election determines who will be your student representatives for the following year, including your four Four Executives.Interested in becoming a Feds Exec? Talk to one of your current Execs to learn how they got to where they are! #UWVotes.

For information regarding Feds Elections, please contact your current president, pres@feds.ca.

Your Incoming Exec

Meet your 2018-2019 Feds Exec!

All positions for Feds 2018-2019 Executive team were acclaimed. Feds Exec will consist of President Richard Wu, VP Education Matthew Gerrits, VP Student Life (formerly VP Internal) Savannah Richardson, and VP Operations and Finance Kurt-James MacMillan. 

Richard WuPresident: Richard Wu

Program: Honours Biomedical Science, Minor in Chemistry, Minor in Medical Physiology

Having served an equal number of terms as both an executive and general member in my time as an undergraduate student, I have had some amazing opportunities to interact and work with students from all across campus, and have come to understand the immense amount of support student societies, clubs, and services require to run smoothly. Supporting others in all of their endeavours to allow them to achieve their goals has always been a deep passion of mine. I believe that it is only through open discourse and discussion can we allow all voices and opinions to be considered and heard.

Matthew GerritsVP Education: Matthew Gerrits

Program: Joint Honours Bachelor of Knowledge Integration & Political Science, Specialization in Politics & Business, Minor in Economics

I have two years of interaction with the education portfolio and value the benefits Feds can bring to students through advocacy on and off-campus. There are many ongoing projects and partnerships in the portfolio that I will be proud to continue developing. As VPED, I will continue projects advanced by the hard effort of my predecessors, projects like the co-op fee review, changes to Waterloo course evaluations and a university syllabus repository, hopefully bringing some of these to completion. As a steering committee member of OUSA, I will support prioritization of campaigns and policy most relevant to Waterloo students.

Kurt MacMillanVP Operations and Finance: Kurt MacMillan

Program: Honours Kinesiology

My time at The Bombshelter Pub has given me a greater understanding of the ins and outs of commercial services, especially during my time as the Student Manager. Looking to my relationship with Athletics provides a fantastic starting point to create more unity between campus partners and the Federation of Students, placing an emphasis on the plethora of commercial services available at students’ fingertips. My knowledge of this industry gives me the credibility to run for the VP Operations and Finance role.

Savannah RichardsonVP Student Life: Savannah Richardson

Program: Honours Health Studies, Minor in Human Nutrition 

Experience: During my term, I would like to increase collaboration with campus partners and increase engagement with students on satellite campuses. Creating a more unified campus has been on my mind for a few years, and could stem from creating opportunities to work with others to provide programming for students. Moreover, I would like to continue strengthening the relationship with satellite student societies to gain a greater understanding of how Feds can serve these students. I would like to explore creating a student advocacy role whose focus is bridging the gap that exists between satellite campus and main campus resources.

Important Dates

Check back here during the Feds General Election in the winter 2019 term.  We’ll have key dates for all things below as well as information for the various events Feds hosts including meet-and-greets and a debate where you will have a chance to get to know your candidates.

Nomination Period

All Candidates Meeting

Interim Period

Campaign Period

Voting Period 
*Note: Campaigning still permitted during voting period. 



  • During Nomination Period for the General Feds Election, nomination packages are available at vote.feds.ca.
  • Please read and complete nomination form in its entirety.
  • Only Waterloo undergraduate students are eligible to sign council nomination forms.
  • Successful Feds Executive Nominees will have 100 signatures.
  • Applications are due by 4pm on the last day of the Nominations Period.
  • An All Candidates Meeting (candidate information session) will typically be held on the same day, following the campaign submission deadline. This meeting is mandatory as important information will be shared concerning the elections process and the campaigning period.
  • Candidates are responsible for becoming familiar with the Federation of Students’ By-laws, Elections & Referenda Procedures, and all other applicable organizational documents available through the Feds Library.
  • Candidates are encouraged to submit their information with this nomination form to be included in the Feds Elections promotional materials. See nomination package for more details.

Nomination packages

During the Feds General Election visit vote.feds.ca during the nomination period to obtain your paperless nomination package.

Violation Forms

Allegations & Appeals

No allegations or appeals at this time.