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BBQ Form

To use the Federation of Students BBQ, you must submit this completed form at least 2 weeks prior to your proposed event. This form will not be accepted if it is not submitted 2 weeks in advance.

Booking a BBQ through this form includes a BBQ kit complete with a hand washing station, BBQ spatula and tongs, 2 plastic tables, a cooler, and a garbage can. You may also request a cash box and a float for your BBQ through this form. A BBQ assistant will also be at your event to assist with getting your BBQ equipment set up.

The cost of renting the BBQ is $35. On the morning of your BBQ, you must make your rental payment at the Feds front desk. A WATcard must also be left at the Feds front desk during the time you have rented the BBQ. You must show the BBQ assistant your receipt before you get access to the BBQ.

It is your responsibility to clean the BBQ after using it. We will provide you will supplies for cleaning, Your WATcard will be returned to you after the BBQ is cleaned up and the BBQ assistant has signed off on your cleaning checklist.

Please review rules for having a BBQ here (click “here to take you to a new page – see appendix A below for details for new page).

Appendix A

BBQ Rules and Policies

  1. Only pre-cooked hot dogs, pre-cooked veggie burgers and pre-cooked hamburgers, pre-cooked chicken burgers and pre-cooked sausages are allowed.
  2. All food must be kept in coolers from the store to your home and to campus and back to your home. The cooler temperature must be Below 4°C. While at your home food must be kept frozen.
  3. No food products can ever be placed on the ground, even though they are in packaging.
  4. Separate people are needed for handling cash, for cooking and for serving.
  5. No SLC tables are allowed to go outside – you can book them from us. All tables must be wiped down with bleach in water.
  6. The hand washing station must be setup before the start of the event.
  7. Everyone handling food must wash their hands before starting and after every time they switch task, other than handling food.
  8. Everyone handling food must wear gloves and have hair pulled back into a pony tail or wear a hair net.
  9. Mustard, ketchup, relish and mayonnaise in squeeze bottles only.
  10. You may sell pre-packaged drinks.
  11. Condiment area must be kept clean.
  12. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions must be cut in a licensed kitchen and must be transported and displayed in food grade containers.
  13. The internal temperature of the food must be above 60°C before it can be served.
  14. Electricity is not available at BBQ locations. (No extension cords)
  15. You must have a garbage can dedicated specifically for you BBQ (not borrowed from somewhere).
  16. Proceeds from the BBQ must be deposited no later than the following day
  17. On the day of, BEFORE SERVING, the setup must be approved by the BBQ assistant.


** The BBQ is not available for bookings for the remainder of the 2017 season. **


Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.