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All Services are responsible for the cleanliness and organization of their booked space. Failure to leave the space in the original (or better) condition than found may be subject to additional cleaning fees and/or loss of booking privileges.
Room size and/or location is dependent upon this number.
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Will this event be recurring during this term? If yes, please ensure the "Event End Date" is the last date of the event.
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Is your event an internal event (e.g. Exec meeting, Volunteer meeting, etc.) or an external event (e.g. general event, trips, etc.)
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To set up online ticketing please contact the Services Manager at
Do you require printed tickets?

Your tickets must be printed through the Feds Marketing Department (with the exception of performance events selling tickets through the Hagey Hall Box Office). Please fill out this ticket request form to get tickets printed for your event.

If you do require alcohol service, please contact the Services Manager at

Alcohol must follow UW Policy #21 in addition to any specific venue rules and regulations

Food Service:
Will food be served at your event?

Note: Mileage will be paid at a cost to your service of 45 cents/km. Please ensure you have the budget prior to authorizing this method of travel. Reimbursements will be made via cheque request and you must attach a google directions map of your travels that indicated the Kilometers used.

Bus booked through Feds
Must be requested at least 1 week in advance
Bus Pickup Time
Bus Return Time
Bus Type

School Bus seats 48 People and all buses pick up from and return to the Davis Center only

Note: Coach Bus costs are higher than school bus costs
Note:Above options will be quoted first to you for approval

Rental Vehicle through Feds
Note: Options will be quoted first to you for approval
Date of Pickup:
Pickup Time:
Date of Return:
Return Time:
AV Requirements:
Projector pick up time:
Projector drop off time:

In order to book a projector or other AV services, you must fill out the AV Authorization Form and bring it to the Services Manager (SLC 2124A) for approval. After receiving a signature from the Services Manager, you must bring this form to ITMS Equipment Stores a minimum of 2 business days before your event. There is no charge for the AV equipment provided it is used for presentation purposes. For films, the cost is $40. If you require a projector with less than 48 hours' notice, you must request this through the Services Manager at a cost of $10 plus a refundable deposit of $20.

Do you require a cash box for this event? * (required)
You are able to borrow a cash box and a float of up to $100. You will be required to leave a Watcard or a $60 cash deposit with Feds accounting until your cash box and float are returned. Please fill out the details below to get a cash box and float reserved for you.
Cash Box
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Pickup Time
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Return Time
SUSPUR - Sustainable Campus Initiative - Sustainable Purchasing * (required)
Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), through its Sustainable Purchasing Service (SUPUR) can help make your events more sustainable! With an analysis of your current event uses, we then provide recommendations on how you can reduce the environmental impact from your event and be more economically efficient. In other words, we look for ways in which you can be more eco-friendly and at the same time save a little money! Please indicate if you would like to request SUSPUR's help in purchasing sustainable items for your event? PLEASE NOTE: that someone from SUSPUR will contact your event coordinator within 72 hours.
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