Poster Run

The Poster Run is proudly brought to you by the Federation of Students. It is a great way to promote your event. Please review the guidelines provide prior to submitting your request. 

Note: Booking for 2019.
Request a Poster Run Spot 

Step 1: Pick your Day

  • Distributed on Fridays – call the Main Office at Ext. 84042 to confirm
  • Posted for a Maximum 2 Weeks – No Exceptions (So, please arrange your poster run with a 2-week limit in mind.)
  • Posters must be submitted by noon on Thursday
  • Bookings are accepted on a first come first serve basis – 7 tabloid spaces are available each week.
  • Board space may be booked in advance but must be cancelled by 10 a.m. Wednesday if not needed, a $14 fee will be charged if space booked is not cancelled or used
  • Outside Groups are only able use the small poster run - 33

Step 2: Pick your Type

Large Run

Village Dons, Renison, & St. Jerome's Colleges, Federation of Students' boards & outside kiosks. This run is great for targeting first year students while they are forming habits at Waterloo.

Fall Term: 139 posters
Winter Term: 135 posters
Spring Term: 60 posters (V1, MKV and UWP still open for Spring term)

Small Run

Federation of Students' boards in academic buildings on main campus and outside kiosks only. This option reaches the widest range of students (on campus and off campus, as well as both first and upper year students).

Fall Term: 28 posters
Winter Term: 30 posters (outside kiosks not available)
Spring Term: 33 posters


The cost of the Poster Run service does not include printing charges.

Large Run

1 space: 8.5" x 11"

$14 - Clubs
$20 - Societies
$50 - University Departments

2 spaces: 11" x 17"

$28 - Clubs
$40 - Societies
$100 - University Departments

Small Run

1 space: 8.5" x 11"

$10 - Clubs
$17 - Societies
$40 - University Departments
$50 - Others

2 spaces: 11" x 17"

$20 - Clubs
$34 - Societies
$80 - University Departments
$100 - Others

Step 3: Feds Approvals

  • Posters must be sponsored by groups with stamping approval (such as Feds, faculty societies, as well as approved clubs and associations) & must comply with University and Feds posting policies.
  • Up for a maximum of 2 weeks – NO EXCEPTIONS
  • No larger than 11" x 17"
  • No posters shall have any illegal references to alcohol (i.e. Must follow guidelines as set out by the AGCO)
  • No personal ads – (i.e. sublets, items for sale, private companies, entrepreneurs, ect…)
  • Off campus events are exceptions and approval is determined on the benefit to students (i.e. job fair)
  • No posters that advertise companies that directly compete with any of the Federation of Students businesses
  • All posters removed at the end of every term

Step 4: Deployment & Payment

Drop off your copies at the Feds Office in SLC 1102 or mail them.

Mailing Address:
Attn: Federation of Students Receptionist 
Student Life Centre 1102
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

Cheques should be made payable to the Federation of Students.

The Feds posters should be posted on the Feds Poster boards no later than 8am on the Sunday morning after the poster run date.

Please keep in mind that we cannot prevent posters from being taken down by students interested in your event.

Poster Run Contact

To book a space for an upcoming poster run, please contact Feds Reception.

Feds Reception