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Feds Leadership Awards

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Each year, Feds recognizes undergraduate student leaders on the University of Waterloo campus through the Feds Leadership Awards. Recipients of the awards will have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills in various ways at the University of Waterloo and/or in the surrounding community.

Winners are recognized at an annual dinner where they will be presented with a certificate on behalf of Feds and the University. Successful nominees and their nominators will be invited to attend along with attendees from Feds and the University.


Do you know someone on campus who deserves to be rewarded for their hard work and leadership skills? To nominate your choice leader, complete the online Leadership Nomination Form.

The applications will be reviewed to determine if the individual falls within the scope of one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Is an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo;
  2. Leadership in a student leadership position(s) in the Federation of Students;
  3. Service to the undergraduate students at the University of Waterloo;
  4. Involvement and contributions to undergraduate student life within the Federation of Students and at the University of Waterloo.

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Winners of the 2017-2018 Feds Leadership Award

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Reba Nauth

Reba has had several leadership roles in Feds and on campus. She has been our Elections and Referendum Officer, and earned respect from all candidates for her judgement and thoughtful decisions. She has served as Deputy Secretary for Students’ Council, and been a delegate for two OUSA General Assemblies. Her contributions were described as consistently insightful and pragmatic. In addition to these roles, she also served as Coordinator of the Volunteer Centre. She is respectful, kind, and dedicated to serving her peers. Congratulations Reba Nauth.

Jill Knight

Jill has been involved in more things on campus than we can list. Just to give a sampling: she has been a FOC member for Orientation in AHS, President of the AHSUM Society, and Residence Life don. She is a proven and trusted mentor and leader, and as one of her nominators put it, “Though she may not always love the nickname “Mamma Jill”, we hope that she understands that this name is a sign of the respect and appreciation her fellow students have for all that she does”.

Nicole Vanderleest

Nicole's involvement includes many different positions at Renison University College, including President of Rension’s Academic Student Council, and at the Student Success Office where she is a Peer Success Coach Team Lead. She has also been a don with Residence Life, and certainly has a group of appreciative first-year students; she received over 20 nominations for this award.

Tatiana Portelli-Graham

Tatiana has taken on two very demanding roles at Waterloo: a FOC member for Waterloo Orientation, and Feds Service Coordinator. Described as role model, compelling leader, excellent listener and great friend, her passion and commitment to Orientation is abundantly clear. As a two-term CRT Coordinator, her calm demeanor and dedication did not go unnoticed.

Cody Hutt

Cody has been an active supporter of campus mental health, in particular the Feds/UW Service MATES. He has helped develop their branding and messaging, and has taken on positions developing their social media. He has also been involved in different roles in Feds Marketing in support of the many Services.

Saad Ahmad

Saad has been a coordinator for the Campus Response Team for two terms this year. He has an empowering personality and is a strong mentor to the rest of the team. He has held numerous other roles within CRT, and was awarded the Rookie of the Term designation in his first term.

Abdullah Barakat

Abdullah has been incredibly involved in the Engineering Society, and has held many different Directorships there. He was eventually was elected Vice-President Finance of EngSoc, whose responsibilities include management of the budget, the society spaces, and the plan to expand into E7. Outside of the society, he is a passionate and professional representative of the faculty, and it is no surprise he was recently elected as President of Engineering Society A.

Sacha Forstner

acha is one of the most dedicated student leaders on campus. He knows both Feds and the University extremely well. Somehow, he has find time this year to be Secretary for Feds Students’ Council, a Director for the Feds Board, an at-large Senator for the university, the Feds Academic Affairs Commissioner, and a two-time delegate for the Ontario Undergraduate Student Assembly. He is thorough and thoughtful in his work, and is very well-regarded by all those who have had the pleasure of working alongside him.

Kaitlyn Yong

Kaitlyn has held numerous volunteer positions in the community, and is a strong advocate for youth empowerment in the STEM fields. She served as the National VP Operations for Science Expo, Canada’s largest non-profit organization that provides students with enrichment opportunities and a firsthand experience in STEM. She is committed to encouraging youth, and in particular girls to pursue engineering through her own non-profit organization Engspire Youth Programs, which has run programs for 4400 children to date. She is also the Co-Director for Hack the North, an event that brings over 1,000 students from around the world together at the University of Waterloo to experiment, connect and create in 36 hours.

Words from her nominators include: I have not met someone as reliable and trustworthy as Kaitlyn. It is rare to come across an individual with such work ethics, organization, and dedication to every task. What impress me the most about Kaitlyn is her reliability to every single person and herself. She has never expected anything and has always done what was best for the organization.

Past Recipients

Past winners of the Federation of Students Leadership Awards!


Melanie Osmond
Joel Le Forestier
Fatema Boxwala
Nadia Gilani
Ana Krstanovic
Zainab Mahmood
Nefisa Ansong
Brandon Gaffoor


Gerry Zhang
Allyson Francis
Elizabeth McFaul
Jesse McGinnis
Paula Colaso
Prateeksha Ravi
Deanna Priori
Mike Cimetta
Matt McLean
Laura Zhang


Cate Flanagan
Chris Lolas
Zac Hogg
Judy Truong
Sean Hunt
Vanessa Alumbo
Krystin Scheels


Mujeeb Duranai
Alessia Danelon
Rob Savoy
Saleema Bhaidani
Jessica Kumordzie
Kristen Leal
Mujtaba Arshad
Jacky Au Duong
Andrew Fisher


Christina Romualdo
Jeff Bunn
Fatma Avci
AM Begin
Cailin Hillier
Jon Cluett
Phyllis Ho
Andre Magalhaes


Nizar Hasan
Darcy Alemany
Piraveena Tharmalingam
Michael Seliske
Sarah Thompson


Jeffrey Baer
Brittany Boilard
Cat Hay
Kieng Iv
Anna Katsios
Diane Kishi
Christine Lu
Theresa Power
Jay Shah
Hayden Tay


Mona Anton
Sam Andrey
Greg Cartmell
Monica Chamberland
Sarah Cook
Caustan De Riggs
Reemah Khalid
Chris Neal
Nicholas Terwoord
Calvin Weekes
Danielle Woon


Allan Babor
Rob Blom
Renjie Butalid
Caitlin Cull
Steve Hayle
Matt Heppler
Ross Ricupero
Mike Spendlove
Kristin Valles
Claire Van Nierop


Drew Adams
Rob Allie
Rebecca Baxter
Jen Carroll
Kate Daley
Greg Fitzgerald
Darcy Higgins
Andrea Murphy
Racquel Passley
Rajat Suri


Haruka Shoji
Graeme Baer
Nick Lawler
Heather Anderson
Karim Lallani
Michael Tersigni
Donna Craig
Sabrina Bowman
Sarah Lewis
Samir Patel