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Looking for work? We’re looking for you! From graphic designers to line cooks at The Bomber, we employ students for a wide range of co-op and part-time positions. Check out our open positions now!
When you’re busy, it can be impossible to find time to properly decompress. It might be helpful to consider these 7 bite-sized ways to alleviate some of the built-up stress in your system.
Now is the time to nominate at vote.feds.ca to nominate yourself or one of your peers for Feds Exec, Students' Council or Senate.  

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Yes Bomber is open. December 11 - 23 11am to 3 pm

Bomber is Open

Studying on a empty stomach is never a good idea, fuel up on the Bomber breakfast or drop by for lunch as The Bombshelter Pub is OPEN! Get your friends to join you because tables of 8 receive 2 free apps!  There is always something happening at The Bombshelter Pub!

Warm up for the holidays with our four new tea flavours ginerbread, truffle mint, carrot cake, and almond biscotti.

Holiday Teas

It is that time of the year and Four O’clock has brought you 4 delicious holiday time teas!  Gingerbread, Truffle Mint, Carrot Cake and Almond Biscotti flavoured teas are waiting for you at International News!  Spice up what is in your mug for the holiday season with these new exciting flavours!

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Are You the Next Feds Student Leader?

Feds Exec past and present inspire you to take the next steps in representing our student voice. After all, it takes a Warrior to know a Warrior.

Events & Important Dates

03 Jan 9:00 PM
Welcome Warriors to the Winter 2018 First Bomber! We're the only place with an INDOOR LINEUP! It's too cold to be waiting outside, don't get caught shivering in the cold, party at The Bombshelter Pub
04 Jan 7:00 PM
Welcome to the first Trivia Thursday of the 2018 term! Join us at 7pm for a chance to win 2x $100! Flex your brain and show us what you got!
05 Jan 10:30 AM
Please bring a draft of your proposed club purpose and anticipated events, activities, initiatives, etc.

News & Updates

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 11:30
September Event Schedule

Even if you aren’t in first year, there are definitely things you haven’t done in Waterloo. Here are our recommendations for five things you should check out throughout the month of September.

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My dark days made me strong.
Or maybe I already was strong and they made me prove it.

- Emery Lord