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When you’re busy, it can be impossible to find time to properly decompress. It might be helpful to consider these 7 bite-sized ways to alleviate some of the built-up stress in your system.
Want to know how the SLC/PAC Expansion project is coming along? Learn more about the project and follow updates on the newest student space on campus.
Nominations period is upon us! Check out these 5 Tips for Running in Feds Elections and learn more about prepping your platform.

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We’re hiring!

Looking for work? We’re looking for you! From graphic designers to line cooks at The Bomber, we employ students for a wide range of co-op and part-time positions. Check out our open positions now!

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Feds Elections and You

Thinking about running in Feds elections? Find important dates and everything you need to know on the Feds Elections page.

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Feds Volunteer Appreciation Awards

In celebration and recognition of the hundreds of volunteers who make our campus community so vibrant.

Events & Important Dates

27 Nov 6:00 PM
Come meet other coop students working in the same city as you while you munch on free pizza and flush your pre-exam stress into a fun game of trivia! Winter 2018 Coops are invited!!
29 Nov 6:00 PM
Finish up the semester the right way at The Bomber.

News & Updates

Monday, November 13, 2017 - 15:45
Feds Elections

What’s on students’ minds as we move deeper into November? Midterm exams, project deadlines, club events... and Feds Elections! Nominations for the Federation of Students 2018 Elections are set to open later this month. If you’re one of the motivated leaders-to-be thinking about running for an Executive, Students’ Council, or Senate position, consider these five tips for taking the next steps.

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My dark days made me strong.
Or maybe I already was strong and they made me prove it.

- Emery Lord